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Flamboyant labels on empty rail packages

The headlines of today’s press proclaim that the due to be renationalised given the previous behaviour of the conservatives and their ideological convictions I certainly won’t be taking these claims at face value.The Prime Minister has an absolute genius for putting flamboyant labels on empty luggage. Nye BevanI suspect this will be another case of flamboyant labels on empty packages. Political reality lies in small print behind the headlines which, […]

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How to turbocharge the fifth-estate(uk)

This is an open letter to the UK’s independent media.  If it seems presumptuous from someone with a semi-active blog, please forgive me. . I propose a framework for the long-term objectives of the UK 5th Estate and identify priorities for this sector.  the main priorities of the Fifth estate should be Self-sufficient Give progressives a more influential voice, Challenge traditional media Press & Broadcasters the “mainstream” media. Financially Self […]

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Denying right-wing populism the oxygen of publicity

Right-wing populists such as Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson tend to use the same Modus Operandi/Tactics to raise their profiles and generate publicity . in this post I’ll analyse these tactics, why they’re effective and what YOU can do to derail them. Calculated outrage lies at the heart of this method; it uses comments calculated to offend certain groups who generally lie outside the right-wing tabloid […]

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