New-party plan really is “cowards’ coup”. Here’s the plan – and a Labour response

SKWAWKBOX fallback

the_wizard_of_oz_bert_lahr_1939Cowardly plotters

The SKWAWKBOX warned at the weekend that the next anti-Corbyn coup was already underway – and showed yesterday that it is a ‘coup of cowardice’, with right-wing malcontents attempting to inflict maximum damage on the Labour Party before peeling off to form a tiny new party. This was subsequently confirmed by information leaked to the Daily Express.

Now the SKWAWKBOX can provide further details about how the shaky ‘rebels’ hope to execute their plan – and cowardly barely covers it, but is combined with an arrogance that puts on display an astonishing sense of entitlement.

The malcontents hope to create a new party – but without disaffiliating from the Labour Party. They hope this would result in a formal ‘party within a party’ –  along the lines of the Co-operative Party’s current status – consisting of MPs ‘temporarily’ suspended from representing Labour,

Their idea is that they will…

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Calm admidst the storm

How to mute #FBPE

I know a lot of my fellow Corbyn supporters have been driven to distraction by the behaviour of the #FBPE crowd on twitter here’s a little guide to removing them from your timeline

  1. stage 1 Login to Twitter
  2. stage 2 select the notifications tabnotifications
  3. stage 3 select settings Mute specific words


  • stage 4 Enter the word you want to ban I chose FBPE, it seems to work more effectively than #FBPE
  • stage-3

    Disclaimer: I actually voted remain but the behaviour of some of the #FBPE crowd means they deserve to be muted it verges on trolling, sorry for the lack of posts I’m busy with my studies I aim to remedy this once the dissertation is completed at the end of August.


    “Nowhere Else to Go”: The Truth About New Labour, Corbyn and Labour’s Heartlands

    The World Turned Upside Down

    14947909_10157552543312355_3408696240562499623_n Jeremy Corbyn at the Durham Miners’ Gala in July 2016 {Photograph ©Tom Eden}

    In recent times, various claims have been put forward in defence of the New Labour project. However, the latest by Phil Wilson MP is so fantastical that only a true believer could have the audacity to make such remarks with a straight face. Wilson’s claim is that New Labour was somehow the product of and informed by, working-class demands. According to an account of a recent seminar in The Independent, Wilson told the audience that New Labour was “rooted in making a difference for the working-class communities of the former coalfields of the North-East.”

    In reality, the exact opposite was true. New Labour consciously and deliberately shunned working-class communities. One of its fundamental articles of faith was that working-class voters did not matter because as Peter Mandelson put it, they had ‘nowhere else to go’. Instead…

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    Denying right-wing populism the oxygen of publicity

    Propaganda,DO NOT TALK!
    Right-wing populists such as Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson tend to use the same Modus Operandi/Tactics to raise their profiles and generate publicity . in this post I’ll analyse these tactics, why they’re effective and what YOU can do to derail them.

    Calculated outrage lies at the heart of this method; it uses comments calculated to offend certain groups who generally lie outside the right-wing tabloid reading white demographic(i.e. think Sun/Mail reader). Minority groups such as Scousers, Muslims and fat women being examples of the targets chosen.Here are a few examples of these.Boris Johnson claimed Liverpool is a self-pity city.Characteristically Katie Hopkins took things too far with her ‘Final Solution’ tweet; the aim is to generate social media outrage, column inches and backlinks not lose your job. Nigel Farage is the master of this tactic (in the UK at least)examples being linking Brendan Cox with extremism and a UKIP poster which deliberately had overtones of a past Nazi campaign. Next, I’ll examine how and why this tactic is so useful.

    How the method works

    Once the ‘outspoken’ pundit or demagogue has started to make a name for his or herself, the right-wing press will eagerly pounce upon future utterances. So far so obvious, but the clever part is the liberal press will nearly always provide a backlash ‘ has Farage gone too far this time?’ Style articles and handwringing, the Liberal press is quite good at this, especially The addition to this outraged left-wingers and liberals will discuss and share articles featuring the offenders’ ad nauseam. In effect advertising the views of their political opponents. Likewise creating memes of these offenders is increasing the profile of this figure they probably intensely dislike, which neatly brings us to what can YOU do about it?

    You’re either part of the solution or you’re part of the problem.

    Fortunately, the solution to this tactic is quite simple and requires no great effort on your part.Don’t link to any articles or media outlets which mention the would-be demagogue or do anything to increase their impact or reach.Deny them the oxygen of publicity, reducing them to spluttering impotence. Where possible, you should delete tweets and posts which mention the offender’s names. The way to view it is every time the demagogue is trending the left have failed.Do your bit! think before you link.


    1. In one article, Boris manages to offend an entire city & and his boss
    2. Boris Johnson apologises for Hillsborough article
    3. Your view: Is Boris right to say sorry to Liverpool?
    4. Peter Reid’s “f***ing disgrace” tirade to Boris Johnson
    5. Katie Hopkins to leave LBC ‘immediately’ in wake of Manchester attack ‘final solution’ comments
    6. What’s the truth behind Katie Hopkins ending her contract ‘by mutual consent’ with Mail Online?

    Bluster,blagging and braggadocio

    David Davis Portrait

    This week David Davis MP came spectacularly unstuck in front of a parliamentary select committee as he failed to provide impact reports regarding Brexit, despite previous claims of preparing reports of ‘excruciating detail.’

    A Brief Timeline concerning the Impact Assessments follows 2

    25 June 2017
    Whilst appearing on the Andrew Marr show Mr Davis claims “We’ve got 50 nearly 60 sector analyses already done” Source
    14 August 2017
    David Jones MP in a letter writes “The Dept for exiting the European Union has conducted analyses of 50 sectors of the economy”

    8 September 2017
    In response to a Freedom of Information(FOI) Request from Seema Malhotra MP (Labour & Co-op MP for Feltham & Heston) the department responded: the studies were completed; “we intend to publish the information.”
    Sunday 22 October 2017
    Dr Liam Fox on Peston on Sunday TCV states “Why would we publish data in a negotiation that might actually diminish our negotiating hand”;. After this date Mr Davis started to use the “negotiating hand” reason for failing to provide impact assessments for other MPs to scrutinise.
    Thursday 26 October 1017
    Responding to a question from Labours Seema Malhotra, Mr Davis responded “She’ll(Teresa May) know the summary outcomes of them…She won’t necessarily have read every single one, they are in excruciating detail.”
    Tuesday 31 October 2017
    A Government spokesman stated “This list details the 58 sectors that are used in the analysis and covers the breadth of the UK economy… this analysis is closely tied to our negotiating position and it would undoubtedly be detrimental to our interests in the negotiation to publish it.”
    Wednesday 1st November
    Sir Keir Starmer(Labour:Holborn and St Pancras) tables a motion using a little used parliamentary request known as a humble address to force the Government to release the unredacted Impact Assessments.The Government does not oppose this motion
    Thursday 2nd November 2017
    Leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom MP (Conservative: South Northamptonshire)assures MPs that “It is absolutely accepted that the motion passed by the house yesterday is binding, and that the information will be forthcoming,”

    This witches’ brew of arrogance, complacency and incompetence is extremely damaging for the UK with Brexit we face the biggest political challenge for a generation one with long term implications.

    After weeks of prevarication and evasion.David Davis has been caught unprepared and possibly misleading parliament.Conservative handling of Brexit,the result a gambit lost by David Cameron.Has never been particularly convincing.This week their incompetence was laid bare for all to see, and what is particularly regrettable is I cannot say I am even slightly surprised. When Tory MPs such as Ben Bradley MP accuse the government of “Making it up as they go along”3 its time to start worrying.This Conservative complacency was evident after the Referendum result, it was obvious there had been negligible planning for the event the public voted out.The only Party prepared in the event of the public voting out appeared to be the SNP, mainly because they hoped to turn the result into a second independence referendum.

    Failing the United Kingdom

    This cavalier attitude to the Impact of Brexit reinforces the opinion of Dominic Cummings the former director of the Leave EU Campaign who described Mr Davis as “Thick as mince, vain as narcissus and Lazy as a toad” 1.When one compares Mr Davis’s performance with the professionalism of EU Negotiators it is embarrassing to watch and reflects very poorly on the UK. Ultimately as the Person responsible for selecting such a poor Brexit negotiating team Theresa May needs to shoulder some of the blame for this farcical performance, it’s not funny when the United Kingdom’s future and the lives of its citizens are at stake.It may surprise some Conservative MPs that this is not a ‘jolly wheeze’.In November Sir Keir Starmer stated that “It’s completely unacceptable for the Tories to have wasted months avoiding responsible scrutiny and trying to keep the public in the dark. The reality is that it should not have taken an ancient parliamentary procedure to get ministers to listen to common sense.” I am in complete agreement with this.Given the incompetence on display this week its no wonder the Conservatives were so eager to prevent publication of the research and given the importance of Brexit it makes one wonder if this ineptitude is widespread throughout the government.


    1. ‘Yes, the Brexit Secretary Really Does Think There’s No Point Planning for Brexit’. The Independent, 6 December 2017. . Source
    2. ‘The Many Times David Davis Talked about Brexit Analysis He Says Doesn’t Exist’. Accessed 10 December 2017. Source
    3. BBC Radio The Nolan Show 7th December 2017

    Photo Credit

    Official Photo of Mr Davis by Chris McAndrew

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