When  mainstream media fails to deliver

I’m a cynical Northerner with a passion for politics and for quite some time I’ve wanted to start my own political blog, but my muse stubbornly refuses to remain silent and to tolerate further procrastination on my part.  And so here we are. I’m a proud member of the Labour party and a firm believer in democratic socialism I’m also interested in History and the way the media manipulates public opinion.  A free press is an essential part of a democratic society, and Describing a media controlled by a handful of wealthy individuals and corporate interests as free is questionable. If citizen journalism can provide high-quality, ethical journalism then the opportunity for a genuinely free press is there for the taking, and it would be remiss not to take it .  This blog is my attempt to hone my writing become a citizen journalist and make sure my perspective is heard.

My Values

I want this blog to reflect my own values with regards to the role of journalism, in addition, I’ll attempt to live up to  the canons of journalism I’m in total agreement with John Pilger when he states that

“It is not enough for journalists to see themselves as mere messengers without understanding the hidden agendas of the message and the myths that surround it.John Pilger

Other journalists receive a nod as well

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

These men and brave women such as Anna Politkovskaya, Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley are the inspiration for this blog with Noam Chomsky being an influence. if more journalists had the courage and integrity to challenge those in power the world would be a better place for it, and journalists would regain the public’s trust.Too much of what we are bombarded with in the modern world is public relations and spin, it is the journalists’ job to see through this and ensure the public remain informed.This blog will attempt to understand the hidden agendas and the myths and put them across in a way intelligible to the general public, it will avoid unnecessary verbosity

Post-truth politics indicates the mainstream media is failing to hold the powerful to account

To label, an era as ‘post-truth’ is a damning indictment. And reflects a democracy which if not broken requires attention. If the powerful are allowed to stretch the truth to breaking point and mislead the public, they will. I refer you to the infamous Brexit bus a telling indication of the utter bankruptcy of the current administration would be Boris Johnson’s use of this misleading appeal again recently.For this democratic malaise, I blame a media that has allowed itself to become intertwined and too close to the political class at times indistinguishable from the politicians they should be monitoring, I’d describe the idea of media plurality as laughable, the leftmost point the Establishment’s Overton window is the liberal press such as the guardian and Huff Post and both are compromised by being part of the Westminster bubble, a cosy arrangement many ordinary people including myself feel completely excluded from.The rise of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour and the SNP proves I’m not alone in this feeling for the Britain of the 21st century the neoliberal consensus is drawing to a close and voters are demanding genuine change.It is for these people this blog is intended ,I hope you enjoy it.

In Conclusion …

High quality citizen journalism is the future. The current model is discredited with public trust in journalists and politicians declining all the time 1 2 3.A genuinely free press should not be subject to control by the establishment or wealthy.It should serve the public and be written by the general public.For too long the UK Press has reflected the worldview of the elite and served their interests, the web and digital media allow the balance to be redressed this elite concern about the rise of social media is tacitly acknowledged by the recent plethora of #fakeNews articles published in the right wing & liberal press, they have failed to adopt to changing political arena it’ll take a lot more than paywalls and corporate social media to bring the press into the 21st century, its no wonder newspaper sales are declining and an awful lot of it is rubbish, old soundbites and narratives being reheated and served up to the public, this is intellectual laziness and reflects the arrogance which is all too prevalent in the Westminster bubble.A change is coming and I want to be part of it.



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