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How to turbocharge the fifth-estate(uk)

This is an open letter to the UK’s independent media.  If it seems presumptuous from someone with a semi-active blog, please forgive me. . I propose a framework for the long-term objectives of the UK 5th Estate and identify priorities for this sector.  the main priorities of the Fifth estate should be Self-sufficient Give progressives a more influential voice, Challenge traditional media Press & Broadcasters the “mainstream” media. Financially Self […]

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Denying right-wing populism the oxygen of publicity

Right-wing populists such as Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson tend to use the same Modus Operandi/Tactics to raise their profiles and generate publicity . in this post I’ll analyse these tactics, why they’re effective and what YOU can do to derail them. Calculated outrage lies at the heart of this method; it uses comments calculated to offend certain groups who generally lie outside the right-wing tabloid […]

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